Judging Criteria

Open Recitation and Hifz

Marking is across three main categories:

  1. Makhaarij (30)
  2. Tajweed rules & accuracy (50)
  3. Fluency (20)


Please find below details pertaining to each age category:

Fluency is marked similarly across all ages. Participants are marked down if stuttering, too much hesitancy, speeding up and slowing down pace haphazardly etc.

  • Correct pronunciation/differentiation between individual letters e.g. ق and – ك- tafkheem tarqeeq not to be marked (Makhaarij)
  • Short and long vowels – making sure short vowels are not lengthened to a long vowel and vice versa (Accuracy)
  • ن and م shaddah stretch timing and stress nasal – eg. إنَّ (Tajweed)
  • Correct pronunciation of haraka – (Accuracy)
  • Madd – any madd should be at least longer than 2 i.e يا or في  or  مو. (Accuracy)

All the above in addition to:

  • Idghaam “YANMU” – nasal and stretch stress in idgham nun sakina or tanween followed by either ي ن م و (Tajweed)
  • Stopping at must stop signs, and continuing at must not stop (Accuracy)

All the above in addition to:

  • Qalqala without differentiation in its strengths
  • All ن and م sakina tajweed rules
  • All Tafkheem (heavy/full) and tarqeeq (light/empty) (makhaarij) except rules of ر (Makhaarij)
  • Differentiation between length of 4x Madd and 6x Madd

All the above in addition to:

  • All tajweed rules including qalqala in its differentiation/various strengths (middle of word, end of sentence or with a shaddah) (Tajweed)
  • Tafkheem and Tarqeeq including rules of ر (Makhaarij)
  • All start/stop signs (Accuracy)

General marking and deductions

  • 5-15yrs
    • Minus one mark for each mistake in makhaarij and tajweed rules /
    • However, if the same mistake is made repeatedly, mark to a maximum of minus 3 So for example, if noon shaddah stretch and stress is missed 5 times, minus 3 only.


  • 16+yrs
    • Minus one mark for each mistake in makhaarij and tajweed rules / accuracy, regardless of how many times the same mistake may be repeated.



  • General understanding of the verse/surah (e.g. historical background)
  • Cross referencing (e.g. other verses, tafaseer, Hadith, interfaith views)
  • Clarity of explanation
  • Ability to answer questions
  • Lessons learnt and implementation
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