Competition Questions

Please find the questions chosen for LFQC 2020! To view the Arabic and English translation of the verses chosen for the 12-15yrs and 16+ Tafseer category, please refer to the information pack.

Please also refer to “The Quranic Categories” for more information on the testing process for the questions below. 

5-7 Yrs

Surah Naba (78) and Surah Fajr (89)

Surah A’ala (87) and Surah Shams (91)


Surah Munafiqun (63), Surah Taghabun (64) and Surah Talaq (65)

Surah Saf (61) and Surah Jumuah (62)

Surah Fatiha (1)


Anywhere from 25th to 29th Siparah inclusive

Surah Hujurat (49) and Surah Hashr (59)

Theme – “Those whom Allah loves”
Surah Tawba (9:108), Surah Aale Imran (3:134), Surah Hujurat (49:9), Surah Tawba (9:7), Surah A’ale Imran (3:159), Surah Ma’aida (5:42)


Anywhere in the Quran

Surah Luqman (31) and Surah Qamar (54)

Theme – “The Prophets”
Surah Taha (20:115), Surah Kahf (18:78), Surah Yusuf (12:33), Surah Ma’aida (5:20), Surah Hud (11:64), Surah Baqarah (2:259), Surah Baqarah (2:260), Surah Fath (48:29), Surah Nisaa (4:171), Surah Baqarah (2:102), Surah Hud (11:88), Surah Luqman (31:12), Surah Anbiyaa (21:87), Surah Anbiyaa (21:73), Surah Baqarah (2:133)

Further details and the information pack

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